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zondag 24 juli 2016

nieuwe releases wk 30 (25 juli - 31 juli 2016)

Cinema and Sorcery: The Comprehensive Guide to Fantasy Film
Green Ronin Publishing

Dragon Age Game Master's Kit Revised Edition
Green Ronin Publishing

Shadowrun: Howling Shadows
Catalyst Game Labs

Ook in Limited Edition

Recent beschikbaar gekomen in print on demand:

Clockwork: Cabinet of Curiosities
Reliquary Game Studios

Moooose! Productions

Fellowship: The Dragon
Jacob Randolph

Porcupine Publishing

Savage Worlds: Ultimate Fey Guide
Mystical Throne Entertainment

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Uncertain Faith
Schwalb Entertainment

vs. Ghosts
Fat Goblin Games

Recent verschenen in gratis PDF:

Rolling Thunder #1
Cakebread & Walton

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