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zondag 31 januari 2016

nieuwe releases wk 5 (1 feb - 7 feb 2016)

Call of Cthulhu / Savage Worlds: Achtung! Cthulhu: Elder Godlike
Modiphius Entertainment

Dark Heresy: Enemies Beyond
Fantasy Flight Games

DUST Adventures
Modiphius Entertainment

The End of the World: Alien Invasion
Fantasy Flight Games

Mutant: Year Zero: Zone Compendium 2: Dead Blue Sea
Modiphius Entertainment

Savage Worlds: Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild
Pinnacle Entertainment

Verkrijgbaar in softcover en limited edition hardcover.

Recent beschikbaar gekomen in print on demand:

Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors
Dead Gentlemen Productions

Complete RPG gebaseerd op het Fate-systeem.

Mutants & Masterminds: Rogues, Rivals & Renegades Collection One
Vigilance Press

Psi-punk: Corps and Criminals
Accessible Games

Psi-punk: World's Edge Arena
Accessible Games

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Tombs of the Desolation
Schwalb Entertainment

Supers! Revised: Search & Destroy
Stone Mountain Press

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